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Keynote Speaker: Gary Norland

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Jeanne Norland is a wife, mother and grandmother. As a grade school counselor, she has taught children and adults how to deal with the stress, anger, frustration and emotional upheaval that life can bring.  When her husband, Gary Norland, was injured she began the process of learning to live with these emotions on a deeper, more personal level.

Gary’s accident took less than a second.  Jeanne is now thrust into the role of being Gary’s primary health care director.  This requires her to make medical decisions and provide medical care for him that he cannot do for himself.  And she must provide the emotional support for their children to deal with the changes at home.

Jeanne shares the struggles, victories and blessings in such a way that you will become an active participant.  Her story will motivate you to make safety the number one priority in your life, not only at work but also at home.  Simply said, “we are safe not only for ourselves but, more importantly, for those who love us.”

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