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Heat Illness Prevention Plan

A new OSHA initiative makes a priority of protecting workers from hazards of extreme heat.

VPP sites can use the information below to draft a written Heat Illness Prevention Plan if your site does not have one yet.


Creation of a Heat Illness Prevention Plan

  • Employers should create a written plan to prevent heat-related illness. Important elements to consider when creating the heat plan are:

  • Who will provide oversight on a daily basis?

  • How will new workers gradually develop heat tolerance?

  • Temporary workers may be more susceptible to heat and require closer supervision.

  • Workers returning from extended leave (typically defined as more than two weeks) may also be at increased risk.

  • How will the employer ensure that first aid is adequate and the protocol for summoning medical assistance in situations beyond first-aid is effective?

  • What engineering controls and work practices will be used to reduce heat stress?

  • How will heat stress be measured?

  • How to respond when the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory or heat warning?

  • How will we determine if the total heat stress is hazardous?

  • What training will be provided to workers and supervisors?

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