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Importance of a Fire Exit Plan

(Dated June 1st)

"Hi, I shared this with our site today and thought this would be a good message to get out to the safety teams in the area. Our fire department was mutual aid to this fire and operated on scene for several hours.

Good Morning

Attached are two pictures provided by Ken Dottino from a fire that occurred in Ravena Thursday in the pre-dawn hours. The pictures show what having an emergency exit plan can do to save a life. The 1st picture of the charred remains of the staircase that was burning on the outside of the second floor apartment. This was the only entrance /exit to the 2nd floor apartment. The other picture shows an emergency escape ladder coming out of the 2nd floor apartment. Two trapped occupants of the 2nd floor apartment exited the house via the escape ladder and made it to the ground without injury. Firefighters worked the interior 2nd floor fire for what seemed like forever to knock down the fames. Without the escape plan this could have resulted in a tragic loss of life.

There is a video link to the news story below. PLEASE share this with your teams."

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