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New England Emphasis Program Seeks to Protect Workers in the Tree Care and Landscaping Industries

"...The program’s initial phase includes outreach to employers, workers and stakeholder groups by each OSHA area office in New England prior to commencing enforcement activities in November 2021. This outreach can include presentations, informational mailings, articles in trade newsletters and other activities. OSHA will then conduct programmed inspections of tree, landscape and site preparation worksites. OSHA inspectors will also be able to open inspections on the spot if they observe hazardous conditions while traveling past worksites in the course of their duties.

OSHA encourages industry employers to take steps to identify, reduce and eliminate hazards related to tree trimming and site preparation and implement safety strategies during the REP’s initial phase..."

Shared from OSHA's recent QuickTakes email. More information can be found in the news release:

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