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New Issue of VPPPA's Leader Magazine

"Explore the realm of Industrial Hygiene ☣️ in the latest issue of VPPPA's Leader Magazine. Discover invaluable insights, best practices, and expert perspectives for ensuring workplace safety in our ever-changing world.

Featured authors and organizations include:

▫️ Keenan Monaghan, Solvay Group

▫️ Diane Grote Adams, Safex, Inc.

▫️ Tom West, MākuSafe Corp

▫️ Nicole Randall, International Safety Equipment Association

▫️ Kristi Hames, VelocityEHS

▫️ Tara Beard, Bechtel Corporation

▫️ Brenda Tolson-Markas, Certified Environmental Management, Ltd.

▫️ Susan Tolbert, Columbia Southern University

Dive in now!" ➡️

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