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Remember 40 Workshop

*Today's Featured Safety Forum Workshop (1 of 2)*

Remember 40

Presented by Steve Lester, Mike Riley and Keith Hender (Covanta Camden)

This workshop is about a mobile equipment fatality that occurred at our Camden Facility in 2007 and how it changed the safety culture here. Forty (40) was the nickname of the gentleman who passed away. We will discuss the vast improvement of safety on the tipping floor and the process to get there. We will explain how it happened and how the culture change led us down the road to VPP. We will share our improvements and best practices that have come from the process, along with some initiatives that came from assessing areas we thought were good but needed to be changed. It will be about how the continuous improvement concept of VPP helped us discover better ways of doing things by having employees become SGE’s and by sharing the best practices of other companies. We will be discussing tipping floor improvements and many of these areas listed: OSHA regulations/compliance, emergency response, health/medical, construction safety, VPP, hourly, DoD, transportation, and general health, safety, or environmental.

This workshop will be held Tuesday, June 25, in Bossa Nova 2, from 8:00 – 9:30 am.

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