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The Ripple Effect ...The Impact of Unsafe Work Acts

*Today's Featured Safety Forum Workshop (1 of 2)*

The Ripple Effect ...The Impact of Unsafe Work Acts Presented by Kayla Rath (Safety Difference) Kayla Rath was nine years old when a decision her dad made at work nearly cost him his life. She tells the riveting story of what it is like to be pulled from school only to be told she may never see her father again. She walks the audience through what it is like for a child when an unsafe decision causes a dad to not come home. From the first night alone, to growing up with a handicapped father, Kayla speaks to the often ignored truth that decisions made on the worksite cause a Ripple Effect in the lives of the family.

This workshop will be held Tuesday, June 25, in Bossa Nova 2, from 2:15 – 3:45 pm.

To view all the scheduled workshops and details visit:

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