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VPPPA’s PSM Best Practices Training Summit - Online Registration Closes Today!

"Online registration closes TODAY for VPPPA’s PSM Best Practices Training Summit next Wednesday and Thursday, March 29-30, at the Health and Safety Council in Pasadena, TX. Register today ($299 for VPPPA members; $399 for non-members) and join peers from across the health and safety spectrum to learn from experts in the field—and each other—on these top PSM core elements:

- Mechanical Integrity

- Contractor Management

- Process Safety Information

- Process Hazard Analysis

- Management of Change

- OSHA’s VPP-PSM Supplement B

Join VPPPA and fellow PSM leaders from Nucor, Honeywell, PSRG and others next week as we raise the standard for PSM-led safety and health in the workplace."

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