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SGE Training 

"The Special Government Employee (SGE) Program was established to allow industry employees to work alongside OSHA during Voluntary Protection Programs' (VPP) onsite evaluations. Not only does this innovative program benefit OSHA by supplementing its on-site evaluation teams, but it gives industry and government an opportunity to work together and share views and ideas.


Qualified volunteers from VPP sites are eligible to participate in the SGE program. These volunteers must be approved by OSHA and funded by their companies to participate. After submitting an application and completing the required training, these volunteers are sworn in as SGEs and are approved to assist as VPP on-site evaluation team members.

As VPP grows, the support of SGEs will continue to be a critical component of the programs. The SGE Program encompasses the spirit of VPP - industry, labor, and government cooperation. This cooperation embodies the idea of continuous improvement, which allows SGEs to bring a unique perspective to the team effort and take back to their sites ideas and best practices to further improve worker protections."


Source: OSHA




Membership / Board Meetings
VPP 101 Presentation

This is the new VPP 101 powerpoint presentation from the VPPPA for everyone to use. We will uploading this presentation on the VPPPA website for everyone to download and use. Please feel free to post this on your website as well. Additionally, feel free to distribute this presentation to anyone you feel it may benefit.

This presentation is designed to be self-taught (by reading through it) or instructor led (by using the speaker notes). As we wanted to ensure this material would not be altered (to maintain its accuracy) and stayed current, we have protected this presentation.

For anyone opening the presentation it will display the below prompt first. The user will need to select the Read Only option to open the presentation. They will not have the ability to edit the information in this option but will be able to view the presentation.

Please note that we are encouraging all VPP application workshop attendees to review this presentation BEFORE attending the VPP application workshop. This will hopefully help application workshop attendees become familiar with the very basics of VPP before learning much more about VPP during the application workshop.

We hope you find this new VPP 101 presentation very useful and informative.


View this presentation here!

VPP Mentoring Program

Region 2 SGEs:

We've recently been receiving an increased number of requests for VPP Mentors. The VPPPA coordinates the VPP Mentoring Program. Here in Region 2, Mr. Kevin O'Brien heads the mentoring activity. If you are interested in serving as a VPP Mentor, please email Kevin with your contact information (email address and phone number) so he can get in touch with you when a VPP Mentor request is received. Otherwise, he may not be able to contact you when an opportunity becomes available.




Kevin O'Brien

Region II VPPPA Executive Board - Treasurer, Mentor Committee, Vendors


Access Compliance | 776A Watervliet-Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110


Mobile: 518-860-5210



Thank you for your service as Special Government Employees.




"For information about VPP, visit us at:

NOTE: Serving as a VPP Mentor can count as one (1) of your three (3) required SGE-qualifying activities during your three-year SGE term. Copied from the July 30, 2015 SGE Policies and Procedures Manual - DIRECTIVE NUMBER: CSP 03-01-004 (highlight added): Qualifying Activities.


 In order for an SGE to be reapproved, the SGE must have been actively involved in the VPP within his/her previous term of service. To gain reapproval, the SGE must have performed a minimum of three (3) Qualifying Activities. One of the three Qualifying Activities must have been participation on a VPP On-site Evaluation Team.

1. Qualifying Activities include the following: a. Participate on a VPP On-site Evaluation Team (minimum requirement of one).


a. Assist the Regional VPP Manager with the review of a site’s VPP application.


b. Assist the Regional VPP Manager with the review of VPP sites’ annual self-evaluation report.


c. Serve as an instructor/co-instructor for the SGE Course.


d. Serve as an instructor/co-instructor for the VPP Application Workshop.


e. Provide on-site mentoring to a potential or re-approving VPP site.


f. Present a VPP or related safety and health topic at a Regional or National VPPPA Conference.

Active Shooter Information and Resources

The protection of the public and New Jersey’s critical infrastructure from all-hazards threats is a shared responsibility between the NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness (OHSP), local, county, state, federal partners, the public and private sector partners who own and operate vital assets and facilities. OHSP works with other government agencies to strengthen public and private sector operations by securing critical infrastructure and assisting owners and operators to prepare for threats from all hazards, including events like an active shooter. In light of the two recent active shooter events in Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin, this email contains information, products and training on active shooter that are available to you at no cost.  The following items are contained with this document:



1.      Best Practice Protocols for Physical Security Concerns 

2.      Educating the Public on the 5 Phases of an Active Shooter

3.      A brief (6 minute) video entitled RUN, HIDE, FIGHT, developed by the City of Houston, Texas

4.      DHS online Active Shooter course IS-907 (no cost)

5.      Active Shooter resource material

6.      Active Shooter conferences to develop a response plan for your facility



David Leonardis

OHSP Operations Division

Ph: 609-584-4813

Cell: 609-462-7045



Regional Operations Intelligence Center

Fusion Liaison & Intelligence Training Unit

Office:  609-963-6239


Other Upcoming Events

Richard Brown will be presenting a VPP workshop during the conference to encourage more VPP applications from Western New York!

Register here!

OSHA invites interested parties to participate in a stakeholder meeting on Thursday, November 7, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM (ET) in Washington DC, to share information on the use of leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in the workplace. OSHA plans to use the information to create additional tools that may help employers with developing and using leading indicators.


Participants must register to attend the meeting by October 30, 2019. Comments may be submitted in response to the questions in Section II of the Federal Register Notice; comments and additional materials may be submitted electronically or by hard copy until February 2020. Additional information about the meeting and comment submittal is provided in the Federal Register Notice.

Register here!

VPPPA Region 2

Questions, suggestions or comments please contact us at:


Phone: 518-747-2390, ext. 217;  518-361-3673






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