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VPPPA Region II Conference 2014



The VPPPA Region II Conference in 2014 was held in the luxurious Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City New Jersey. The Conference dates were June 2-4, 2014 with Post Conference classes held on June 5th as well. Below you can find all the forms, agreements, agenda and workshops we had the pleasure to present to our members.
Members in Attendance

Executive Board Members in Attendance:  

Joe Whalen

Brenda Wiederkehr

Perry O’Neil

Rich Brown

Brian Bennett

Tracy Cook

Kevin O'Brien

Board Members Absent:

Tom Auerlia,

Billy DePuy

Dale Long



Meeting Minutes

Region 2 Business Meeting: August 26, 2014, started at 1:30pm.

Meeting was opened by Brenda, Motion Perry O'Neil to open meeting at 1:30 pm, motion seconded by Kevin Mihalenko.


Secretary’s Report

A review of the June 2014 minutes was undertaken. A motion by Tim Dooley, seconded by Kevin O'Brien to approve minutes as written.


Treasurer’s Report

Treasure’s Report is not complete as all expenses from the conference are not in yet.


Outreach Committee

No Report


VPP Update

Rich Brown gave a report on the status of VPP in Region 2.


Labor Management Committee

Billy DePuy not present; nothing to report.


Mentoring Committee

No Report


AED Committee

AED Fund report: Brenda Wiederkehr spoke about the fund, what AED is, what contributions have been made.


Chairman’s Report

Brenda discussed the Annual Conference in Atlantic City in June 2015


New Business

There was an open floor for new business: no new business to discuss.

Kevin O'Brien made a motion to close the meeting, seconded by Tracy Cook. Meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.

Meeting held according to Roberts Rules of Order. Minutes submitted by: Joe Whalen, Treasurer 

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