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Summer Safety Forum

This year is the Region II Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ 26th Year of Excellence in Safety.  We celebrated by hosting two separate safety forums.  Participates were able to choose which location was most convenient or choose to attend both forums.  We were pleased to offer the Summer Forum June 25th and 26th in Atlantic City, New Jersey!

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone (518) 782-2200, with any questions or concerns.

Registration is now open! Here you will find our rates and other information.

View the agenda and map for the Summer Safety Forum.

Here you will find information about our speakers for the workshops.

Here you will find information about our keynote speaker for the forum.

Other safety forum news will be posted here!

Meet the vendors who will be at the summer safety forum!

Advertisements and our sponsors can be found here!

View or download the forum book.

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