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Q1 2022 Power Generation VPP Quarterly Meeting Agenda

Region 2 VPP Sites in the Electric Power Generation Sector:

The Power Generation VPP Workgroup will be holding their quarterly meeting via ZOOM on Thursday, February 17th at 2:30 PM Eastern.

Please see the email chain below, the attached agenda (DOCX file), and this link for more information:


Good afternoon Power Generation VPP,

The agenda for our first meeting of 2022 is attached. We have a couple of certifications / recertifications to share on the call but would like to have more. If you site has recently gone through a VPP certification or a recertification, we hope you will consider sharing the great news during the call. We will also have a few new participants joining us.

We look forward to the call with everyone.

Thank you,

Alex Miller, CSP

Sr Regional Safety Manager

VPP Coordinator

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