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VPPPA is accepting applications for their Annual Awards and Scholarships!

"Every year, VPPPA is proud to bestow three Annual Awards to member sites and individuals who go above and beyond in their efforts to improve safety and health for the workforce.

These Awards are:

  • VPP Outreach Award

  • VPP Innovation Award

  • Safety & Health Outreach Award

VPPPA also provides four Scholarships each worth $3,500 to support students who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to safety and health in their schools and communities. Members and family (child, grandchild, spouse) of full-member sites in good standing should apply for VPPPA scholarships when pursuing a vocational, undergraduate, or graduate degree in the safety, health, or environmental fields.

The Scholarships are:

  • June Brothers Scholarship

  • Sergeant Safety Scholarship

  • Stephen Brown Scholarship

  • William "Sully" Sullivan Scholarship

The deadline for submissions is May 21, 2021.

Take advantage of this amazing member benefit today.

To learn more, or to apply, click here."

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