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VPPPA Region 2 & 3 Joint Conference Room Booking

"Have you heard the term "Room Nights?" It's a contractual term venues use to ensure a conference (like ours) books enough rooms to make the block of rooms (at the lower rate) worth their time. In other words, "Total Room Nights" is the "total number of rooms" x "number of nights occupied." If we reach that number, life is good. If we miss the mark, the venue can impose steep fines and penalties (and nobody wants that).

Our magic number is 750. We need 250 attendees to stay 3 nights, but have their rooms reserved before 24 March.

Does the subject line make better sense now? HELPS YOU with a locked in incredibly low room rate, and HELPS US by allowing us to reach our "Total Room Night" target.

Don't delay. Book you room today.


If your organization would like to pay for your reservation using a purchase order, please submit the completed purchase order to the Kalahari at or by fax at (608) 254-6116 at least 30 days prior to arrival. In order to hold the reservation we will process the first night's deposit on the credit card on file until the Purchase Order has been received and approved. Please note that attaching this add-on does not guarantee the Purchase Order will be approved."

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