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Close Your Door Program

"Please consider sharing the fire safety information below with your co-workers during safety meetings and with your family members as part of your VPP site’s Home Safety program.

From this week’s EMR-ISAC Infogram (5/30/2019):

Close Your Door program fights fire with science

For years we’ve known residential fire spreads faster than it did decades ago. Depending on the circumstances, people had about 17 minutes to escape a fire 40 years ago. That number has reduced drastically - today, you have about 3 minutes.

People continue to believe an open bedroom door is safer if they experience a fire, yet research shows closing your bedroom door while sleeping drastically improves the likelihood you will survive. It isolates the fire’s flow, reduces room temperature, and keeps both carbon monoxide and smoke levels down.

After proving a closed door could potentially save lives in a fire, the Underwriters Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI) has committed to share this finding with the world. The Close Your Door safety initiative is the result of over 10 years of UL FSRI research.

The most powerful teaching tool UL FSRI offers is a video of a fire demonstration showing two bedrooms, one with a closed door and one with an open door. This video is under 6 minutes but tackles the common misperception that a closed bedroom door is more dangerous during a fire with sobering realism.

UL FSRI created a site specifically to help firefighters share this life saving information and it includes a toolbox of resources including pre-made social media posts, shorter public service announcement videos, public relations materials, and outreach materials like coloring sheets for kids, flyers, magnets, door hangers and posters.


Watch the 6-minute UL video here: "

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