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Counterfeit N95 Respirator On The Market With Fake NIOSH Approval

Attention please: NIOSH has become aware of a counterfeit N95 Respirator on the market. The manufacturer Zubi-Ola is selling N95 respirators and marketing them as NIOSH-approved even though Zubi-Ola is not a NIOSH approval holder or a private label holder.

In addition, NIOSH was made aware of manufacturers misrepresenting the NIOSH-approval. These manufacturers include:

1.) Wein Products- All approvals for Wein Products were rescinded in 2011. However, the manufacturer’s website continues to state the ViraMask N99ESC is certified by NIOSH. View the user notice announcing the rescission.

2.) Steelpro Safety- Steelpro Safety is a private label holder of Fido Masks. In 2014, Fido rescinded the certificates of approval for their respirators, but Steelpro’s website continues to state that respirator models, F720V and F333V, meet NIOSH standards. View the user notice announcing the rescission.

3.) Handan Hengyong- All certificates of approval for Handan Hengyong were voluntarily rescinded as of September 2014. Handan Hengyong continues to include information on its website misleading end users to believe that their respirators are NIOSH-approved. View the user notice announcing the rescission.

NIOSH contacted these manufacturers and requested they remove all misleading information from their website including all references to NIOSH and to 42 CFR 84.

How can you be sure your respirator is truly NIOSH-approved?

Check the respirator approval markings or Certified Equipment List. Additional information is available on the NIOSH Trusted Source Page.

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