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Fall Protection Workshop

*Today's Featured Safety Forum Workshop (2 of 2)*

Fall Protection

Presented by Mathew and Randy White, (L.G. White Safety Corporation)

This presentation will cover OSHA fall protection regulations for both General Industry and the Construction Industry. Topics to be reviewed include, OSHA standards for railings, safety nets, covers, and personal fall protection systems. The course will also include information about the ABCD's of fall protection, equipment inspections, selecting the right equipment, how to properly don a full body harness, calculating fall clearance distances, avoiding suspension trauma and the need for prompt rescue, and fall protection requirements for aerial work platforms. L.G. White Safety will bring to the course examples of commercially available fall protection equipment for demonstration.

This workshop will be held Tuesday, June 25, in Bossa Nova 3, from 12:30 – 2:00 pm

To view all the scheduled workshops and details visit:

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