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Featured Region II & III Pre-Conference Breakout Session

Tuesday April 28th

National Safety Council's Team Safety

Team Safety is a National Safety Council course that shows you how to make group safety efforts work for your organization. You'll learn how to build an effective safety team or get the most from the team you've already got. The course includes a self-assessment of your level of understanding, and interactive exercises for an opportunity to use your newly learned concepts. The more effective your safety team, the more measurable improvements for your organization. This course is intended to provide instruction on team safety to supervisors and is an integral component to prepare supervisors for VPP. During this training you will learn to:

· Recognize and use key safety and health terminology, as well as team safety concepts and techniques.

· Plan for and create an effective safety team.

· Identify training and development needs of team members.

· Practice effective communication skills to conduct productive meetings with your team.

· Learn how to help your team influence your organization.

· Build stronger meeting management skills.

· Give your team the tools to make a positive impact on your organization's safety culture.

Every student will receive a National Safety Council Team Safety participant workbook.

Certificates of completion awarded by the Chesapeake Region Safety Council upon successful completion of this course.

Remember early registration ends on March 31st!

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