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Fire Sprinkler System Identification

FYI - The US Fire Administration bulletin below may be useful during employee training about your site’s fire protection systems. Thank you for participating in the Voluntary Protection Program.


"Plan a Better Fire Attack Understanding Sprinkler Systems

Coffee Break Bulletin | December 11, 2019

Knowing what class and type of fire protections system is built into a structure is a powerful aid to life safety and timely fire attack.

Standpipe systems are installed in buildings to help firefighters deploy attack hose lines quickly and with adequate water pressure and volume. They may be designed for heavy stream applications, first aid fire appliances, or have features of both. Understanding the differences and recognizing their designs can help you to plan your fire attack and protect lives and property.

Read more: Plan a Better Fire Attack Understanding Sprinkler Systems:

The U.S. Fire Administration recommends everyone should have a comprehensive home fire protection plan that includes smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, and practicing a fire escape plan."

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