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IAFC Fire and EMS National Emergency Safety and Survival Alert

Firefighters, EMTs and Apparatus Struck – Roadway Operations

DATES: 02/04/2019 – 02/08/2019

Region 2 VPP Sites:

"The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), through their Safety, Health and Survival Section and in cooperation with the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, are urging all fire chiefs and officers to immediately issue a safety and survival alert in their departments. During an emergency safety and survival alert, personnel are urged to postpone non-emergency tasks to focus on critical safety and survival training.

Responders being struck on our roadways has become an almost daily occurrence. During this time, chiefs are asked to have all personnel immediately review and discuss applicable department policies and procedures to minimize the risk to firefighters operating on our highways. For more information, please see the link below:

Our VPP sites with in-house emergency services are urged to participate in this safety and survival alert. And please pass this information along to any outside emergency service providers who respond to your VPP site. Thank you for participating in the Voluntary Protection Program."



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