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March is National Ladder Safety Month

Every year more than 100 workers are fatally injured and thousands suffer disabling injuries in ladder-related incidents. In March, the American Ladder Institute is sponsoring its annual National Ladder Safety Month ( https://www.laddersafetymonth.com/About/National-Ladder-Safety-Month ) to promote ladder safety at work and home. OSHA will be participating in two symposiums on March 13 in Houston, Texas, (register to attend in person ( https://web-ded.uta.edu/wconnect/ace/CourseStatus.awp1?&course=19SHEVENT21 ) or via live webcast ( https://web-ded.uta.edu/wconnect/ace/CourseStatus.awp1?&course=19SHEVENT20 ) ) and March 19 in Arlington, Texas, (register to attend in person ( https://web-ded.uta.edu/wconnect/ace/CourseStatus.awp1?&course=19SHEVENT10 ) or via live webcast ( https://web-ded.uta.edu/wconnect/ace/CourseStatus.awp1?&course=19SHEVENT19 ) ).

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