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Monthly Behavioral Health Q&A Column

"VPPPA's first Behavioral Health Q&A Column! VPPPA has partnered with experts at MindWise Innovations to present a monthly Q&A article addressing questions that members might be hesitant to ask about. These columns will address your questions about mental health, substance abuse, brain injuries, family issues and more. Stay tuned for future articles and to find out how to submit your own questions to the experts. We will be posting a new column on the third Thursday of each month.

A few of this week's questions include:

Why am I hearing about fighting stigma in the workplace?

How can I help a friend or co-worker who is depressed?

Like everyone else, I'm worried about how COVID19 will affect my family, my finances, and so much else. How can I manage my stress?


About the author: Lisa Desai (picture attached)

Lisa Desai is a licensed psychologist and behavioral health professional with 20 years of clinical, management, and consulting experience. Through her work at MindWise Innovations, she helps companies prioritize effective and sustainable behavioral health strategies through the business development, design and implementation, and evaluation of mental health and substance misuse programs. Lisa lives in the Boston area with her husband, two daughters, and beloved black lab. She is of South Asian descent, speaks Gujarati, and enjoys all things social."

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