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NIOSH Total Worker Health Webinar (June 20th)

Free NIOSH webinar opportunity: NIOSH Total Worker Health Webinar (June 20th)

Join the Office for Total Worker Health for the next installment of the

NIOSH Total Worker Health® Webinar Series

Registration now open!

Understanding Total Worker Health: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Thursday, June 20, 2019

12:00pm – 1:30pm Eastern

Please join us for the next installment of the NIOSH Total Worker Health (TWH) Webinar series, titled Understanding Total Worker Health: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going. Whether you are looking for a refresher on the basics of TWH principles or hoping to learn about it for the first time, this webinar will feature NIOSH researchers and practitioners moving the science and practice of TWH forward. Dr. Sara Tamers, CAPT Mary O’Connor, and Chia-Chia Chang will explore the evolution of the TWH concept, current research, and practical examples applying TWH approaches in organizations.

Dr. Sara Tamers will walk participants through the TWH approach, highlighting specific NIOSH/Office for TWH efforts over the last several years and into the future that are key to understanding the evolution and next steps of TWH. CAPT Mary O'Connor will then explain her experience conducting TWH research at NIOSH. Next, Chia-Chia Chang will present on engagement and collaborations with TWH stakeholders. Lastly, our moderator Jeannie Nigam will guide a Q&A discussion with attendees. Free continuing education for this event is pending.

Featured Speakers:

Sara Tamers, PhD, MPH

Dr. Sara Tamers is a health research scientist and team lead of Research Program Development and Collaboration in the Office for Total Worker Health (TWH), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She is also assistant coordinator for the CDC/NIOSH Healthy Work Design and Well-Being Program. In these roles, she oversees and coordinates activities related to the intramural and extramural TWH research base.

CAPT Mary O’Connor, MS

Captain Mary O’Connor manages the Aviation Safety Research Project at the NIOSH Western States Division in Anchorage, Alaska and is a commissioned officer with the U.S. Public Health Service. Mary has been with NIOSH since 2009, prior to that she managed environmental health services for an Alaska Native health organization. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and received a Master of Science degree in Environmental and Public Health from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Chia-Chia Chang, MPH

Chia-Chia Chang, MPH, MBA is the Coordinator for Partnership and New Opportunity Development for the Office of TWH at NIOSH in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Besides leading the NIOSH TWH Affiliate program, she coordinates a task with RAND to develop a framework and assessment tool for worker well-being and collaborates with stakeholders to share research and promising practices related to advancing TWH.


Jeannie S. Nigam, MS, ABD

Research Psychologist, Work Organization and Stress Research Team

Advisor, Office for Total Worker Health

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Agenda (all times in Eastern):

12:00-12:10pm: Welcome and Introduction by Jeannie Nigam, NIOSH

12:10-12:30pm: Dr. Sara Tamers to discuss an overview of NIOSH TWH Program and Research

12:30-12:50pm: Capt Mary O’Connor to discuss TWH Research in Practice

12:50-1:10pm: Chia-Chia Chang to discuss engagement and collaborations with Stakeholders

1:10-1:25pm: Guided discussion and audience Q&A

1:25-1:30pm: Wrap-up, closing remarks

Target audiences:

• Industrial hygienists and occupational safety and health professionals

• Employers, risk management, and human resources professionals

• Health education professionals

• Doctors and other medical and nursing professionals

Reserve your spot today! To register, visit:

Free continuing education opportunities are pending for this activity. For more information please visit or email

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