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Service Animal in the Workplace Workshop

*Today's Featured Safety Forum Workshop (1 of 2)*

Service Animal in the Workplace -- Presented by Suzanne Farrell, Randy Fox and Kathryn Vaccaro (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics) (Kodi is also pictured.)

In 2016, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics developed a policy on the use of service animals. An employee who is highly sensitive to various allergens onsite has a service dog that can forewarn the employee is about to suffer a severe reaction to chemicals onsite so early treatment can be administered. The workshop will describe the issue and how the various departments in the facility worked collectively to develop a written Service Animal Policy that has been adopted throughout the organization.

This workshop will be held Tuesday, June 25, in Bossa Nova 3, from 8:00 – 9:30 am.

To view all the scheduled workshops and details visit:

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