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Region 2 VPP Sites:

"During Week Three of the #MySafeSummerJob ( )campaign, join OSHA in empowering youth to "Speak-Up!" in their workplaces. Young workers should be encouraged to ask questions about their job and their workplace, and they should feel confident about raising safety and health concerns with a co-worker or manager. Young workers and new workers bring "fresh eyes" to a job, and may notice workplace hazards that others overlook. This week, share messaging that encourages youth to speak up if they have a question, and report any concerns they have to a supervisor or other trusted adult.

#MySafeSummerJob includes campaign materials for use by any organization in helping us spread the word about youth safety and health. Youth can engage by answering "How do you plan to stay safe at your job this summer?" using the hashtag #MySafeSummerJob. Also available is a blog post from Miles Cleveland of National COSH on the theme that can be shared. ( )

There are a number of ways you can get involved in this campaign:

Follow us as we share posts and information through our social media platforms. You can find us as @OSHA_DOL for Twitter and @departmentoflabor for Facebook.

Follow a campaign organizer, CareerSafe, who can be found on Twitter as @CareerSafe and on Facebook as CareerSafe Online.

Retweet or share our campaign posts on your page or feed.

Respond or comment about our campaign using #MySafeSummerJob.

Go to to download all the social media posts and schedule, then make them your own and originate the messages from your account, and include the hashtag #MySafeSummerJob in the post.

Thank you for participating in the Voluntary Protection Program."

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