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The "Shocking" Truth: Electrical Safety Survival

*Today's Featured Safety Forum Workshop (1 of 2)*

The "Shocking" Truth: Electrical Safety Survival

Presented by Robert Sagendorf (EII, Inc.)

This hands-on workshop will test your knowledge on electrical hazards in the general and construction industry. You will actively participate in a team environment in electrical hazard recognition and mitigation. Knowledge skills will include LOTO, NFPA 70E, temporary and permanent power, low and high voltage systems, PPE, equipment clearances and safe work practices. This workshop will include a "dynamic" lab to test your skills and knowledge, which will leave you "energized." Are you ready for the challenge?

This workshop will be held Tuesday, June 25, in Bongo 1, from 10:00 – 11:30 am

To view all the scheduled workshops and details visit:

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