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Why Codify VPP Materials for Regional Conferences

"Chapters Chairs,

On behalf of the legislative & Regulatory committee, please see the attached “Why Codify VPP” handout and presentation for potential use at the regional conferences.

The legislative & regulatory committee appreciates your help by supporting one or all of following items during your regional conference:

Adding the attached brochure into the bags being distributed during the conference.

Having a workshop by a committee member or designated presenter on “Why Codify VPP” (presentation attached).

E-letter writing campaign (as performed in previous years).

We apologize for being late getting these materials out but do greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Please let us know if you can support the workshop and/or e-letter campaign and we will work to make it happen.

Once again, appreciate everyone’s understanding and continued support with the codification effort!

Thank you,"

Terry J. Schulte, SMS

VPPPA National & Region IX Board of Directors

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