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2022 PSM Supplement B Template

Region 2 VPP Sites with PSM-covered processes: Every year, VPP Sites with PSM-covered processes are asked to submit a PSM Supplement B with their annual VPP Self-evaluation. The OSHA National Office has released the 2022 PSM Supplement B (XLSX file below) and requested the Regions distribute the template to VPP sites immediately. (VPP Sites without a PSM-covered process do not need to submit a PSM Supplement B.) The 2022 PSM Supplement B is also posted on OSHA’s VPP webpage ( ). Instructions for the PSM Supplement B are listed in the first tab of the spreadsheet. The 2022 VPP Self-evaluation template will be released to all VPP participants at a later date.

2022 Supplement B.2022.20221104
Download XLSX • 29KB

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