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Congratulations to Hollingsworth & Vose Greenwich Mill

Only a small number of manufacturing facilities across the nation achieve VPP STAR status. It was the involvement of each and every Greenwich Mill Employee and the commitment of the Hollingsworth and Vose Company’s Management and Safety Professionals that led to OSHA VPP STAR Status! Star status is the highest VPP designation awarded by OSHA and indicates a facility has achieved injury and illness rates below its industry national average, and has demonstrated to OSHA that its safety and health management systems are exemplary. STAR participants committo a process of continuous safetyimprovements that will lead to an even safer work environment. The Hollingsworth and Vose company earned STAR recognition from OSHA as part of the agency’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) at the Greenwich, NY facility. The VPP program recognizes businesses and its employees that demonstrate excellence in occupational safety and health.

• First Row Left to Right: Kevin Prouty, Pat Graham, Gary Walkup, George Moses, Adam Gardineer, Kevin Brown, Mike Seitz, Joe Tefft, Manny Lee, Liz Miner. • Second Row Left to Right: Mike Hawrysz, Andrew Cushing, Terry Waite, Bruce Loveland, Brian Bean, Jamie Woodcock, Randy Bussing, Jason Snyder. • Third Row Left to Right: Stacey Campbell, Chuck Knowlton, Russ Robichaud, Bob Pavelock, Tom Ferry, Tom Eaton, Mike Rubertello, Jason Rodd, Paul LaCross. • Back Row Left to Right: John Mattimore, Dave Powers, Ashley Woods, Ken Fausnacht (VP Global Operations), Val Hollingsworth (President & CEO), Tom Bruce, Mike Reid, Tony Mangona. • Not in Picture: Doug Holmes, Chet Rogers, Andy Whitaker.

Hollingsworth & Vose Company Greenwich Mill Employees Recognize Safety as a Guiding Principle. Keep up the excellent work!

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