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Final Reminder - 2023 VPP Self-evaluation Due TODAY!

"Region 2 VPP Sites: One last reminder. The 2023 VPP Self-evaluation submissions are due on Monday May 13, 2024. Links provided in the email chain below. So far, 59 of our 72 VPP sites in Region 2 have at least started their online submission. Only four (4) VPP sites have requested submission extensions – all extensions requests were approved. Please remember to click on the “Submit” command button when you are done with your submission. Currently 28 submissions indicate “Report Profile Complete”, which indicates the profile information has been input into the system, but the site is still working on their final submission. If you are having any technical issues with using the online system, please email Rick Harris in the OSHA National Office and copy me for situational awareness. Rick will contact our IT contractor to address the issue.

I’ll be attending the Region 2 VPPPA Conference in Albany on Monday if you would like to discuss your submission. I hope to see many of you there.

Thank you for participating in the Voluntary Protection Program."

-Richard Brown

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