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First Mike Corbett Memorial Safety Award, awarded to SGE Mike Hennebery

First Mike Corbett Memorial Safety Award, awarded to Special Government Employee (SGE) Mike Hennebery of VPP Star Mobile Workforce participant Torcon in Red Bank, New Jersey

"Just over a month ago, the Safety Community lost an industry giant. OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist Mike Corbett passed away suddenly. While his family, friends and coworkers continue to heal, ACCNJ wanted to honor Mike by renaming our Safety Recognition Program for him.

It didn't take much for us to decide who would receive this honor. On July 15, 2022, at ACCNJ's Safety Council Meeting, the first Mike Corbett Memorial Safety Award was presented to Mike Hennebery, CHST, Corporate Safety Director, Torcon Inc. Pictured center in the photo above, Mike is surrounded by his safety team and OSHA representatives.

As a career safety professional, Mike Hennebery embraces his company's core values of safety and the well-being of all their employees and subcontractors. During his 25-plus years with Torcon, he has ALWAYS been an integral part of the company's drive to continuously enhance their safety & health culture, which has been a key motivator for Mike. For 30+ years, Torcon has been part of OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program. They were the first construction firm in the nation to be recognized for multiple Star sites. They have the first VPP Star construction site to ever be recertified; the first VPP Star pharmaceutical plant site to ever be recertified; and the first VPP Guanin ever awarded to a construction site in Puerto Rico. Not only does this show Mike Hennebery's commitment to safety, but it showcases his relationship with OSHA, particularly with Mike Corbett as they worked side-by-side to achieve these recognitions.

Mike Hennebery's coworkers describe him as calm by nature. He listens and provides excellent solutions that are pro-active in preventing accidents and overall safety management. While being part of the safety team is often a thankless position, he makes it better by always being available to take your call or showing up at the project to review the concern firsthand. Having a boss that stands by your side, who constantly has your back and supports your efforts is a valuable trait. He is kind, professional, wise, patient and shares many humorous life stories that are told at the right moments; much like the qualities we remember of Mike Corbett.

ACCNJ recognizes Mike Hennebery for exemplifying a passion for safety, showing compassion for others, and living life to the fullest. Continue to embrace and share these qualities as a tribute to a life lost too soon."

(Shared from recent ACCNJ email update.)

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