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Help Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

Please see the FEMA email chain below and consider supporting the COVID-19 vaccination efforts.


Good Afternoon,

I hope this email finds you and yours safe and well.

I am reaching out to you today as a trusted partner in FEMA Region 2 to help us build vaccine confidence within your community.

There are Six Ways YOU Can Help Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence:

- Encourage leaders in your family and community to be vaccine champions.

- Have discussions about COVID-19 vaccines where people can openly discuss their views and ask questions.

- Share key messages through multiple channels that people trust and that promote action.

- Help educate people about COVID-19 vaccines, how they are developed and monitored for safety, and how individuals can talk to others about the vaccines.

- Learn more about finding credible vaccine information. When you come across COVID-19 information, cross-check with and learn how to respond to misinformation you encounter.

- When vaccine is offered to you, make visible your decision to get vaccinated and celebrate it!

Thank you,

Debbie Costa

FEMA Region 2 Community Preparedness Officer


Shown is the CDC's V-Safe information sheet. Also viewable here:

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