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Mentoring for New VPP Site Contacts

Region 2 VPP Sites: "There has recently been a high turnover rate among the VPP Site Contacts in Region 2. If you are new to the role of VPP Site Contact, the VPP Participants Association (VPPPA) has a mentoring program that may be helpful. The VPPPA can match you with a Special Government Employee (SGE) to help answer questions you may have about VPP participation.

It can be an open-ended mentoring period, so you can reach out to your VPP Mentor now or in the future as questions come up. It is also an opportunity to network with one of your experienced peers in the program. Please see the Region 2 VPPPA link below.

If you are a new VPP Site Contact and you’re interested in having a VPP Mentor, please let me know by responding to this email. (

I will work with Mr. Rich Finnegan and Mr. Kevin Mihalenko of the Region 2 VPPPA Mentoring Committee to match you with a mentor. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for participating in the Voluntary Protection Program."

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