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Navigating Domestic Violence When it Follows You To Work

"According to the U.S. Department of Labor, domestic violence (DV) victims in the U.S. lose 8 million days of paid work each year, resulting in a $1.8 billion loss in productivity. Yet, 65% of employers don’t have a formal #domesticviolence policy.

Domestic violence is a worker health and safety issue, as it frequently follows those involved to their place of employment. Because of this, the impacts of DV can be felt by more than just the victim, but also their co-workers and supervisors.

This October, in observance of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (#DVAM), we encourage safety and health professionals to review resources that help establish and maintain safe workplaces for all employees.

Get started now with VPPPA’s latest blog post: “Navigating Domestic Violence When it Follows You To Work”.

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