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OSHA 7500 - Intro to Safety and Health Management - CRSC - Pre-Conference Breakout Session

Featured Region 2 & 3 VPPPA Pre-Conference Breakout Session Happening Monday April 27th

This course covers the effective implementation of a company's safety and health management system. The course addresses the core elements of an effective safety and health management system and those central issues that are critical to each element's proper management. This course is an interactive training session focusing on class discussion and workshops. Upon course completion students will have the ability to evaluate, develop, and implement an effective safety and health management system for their company.

Topics Include:

· Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs

· Safety Program Elements

· Management Leadership

· Worker Participation

· Hazard Identification and Assessment

· Hazard Prevention and Control

· Education and Training

· Program Evaluation and Improvement

Register for the conference here:

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