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OSHA Region 2 Amputation Stand Down planning committee

Region 2 VPP Sites and SGEs:

Please see the email invitation below from OSHA CAS Nick Donofrio to join the OSHA Region 2 Amputation Stand Down planning committee.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Nick directly.

NOTE: If you are a Special Government Employee, active participation on the planning committee can be counted as a SGE Qualifying Activity towards your three-year SGE renewal.

Thank you


I am one of the recently hired Compliance Assistance Specialists with OSHA in Region 2. You probably have worked with CASs Gordon DeLeys and Ron Williams. Both retired in 2019, when I became a CAS. One of my first assignments as a CAS was to conduct outreach on the OSHA National Emphasis Program on eliminating amputation injuries. This effort was moving forward and going well until COVID hit last March. Now that COVID inspections within Region 2 have lessened, I have resumed outreach efforts on this NEP and decided to take it to another level. Since 25% of all incidents reports to OSHA are amputations, I began researching this topic. OSHA in Arkansas has been conducting an amputation stand down, with great success, for the past seven years. I strongly believe in the importance of raising awareness to eliminate and prevent this devastating injury. I reached out to the Arkansas Amputation Stand Down program coordinator. He provided me information and the planning tools they used for their stand down and offered his assistance with planning the Region 2 event. FYI - Here is the link to the 2019 Arkansas Stand Down.

I have begun working on the inaugural OSHA Region 2 Safety Stand Down on preventing amputations with the formation of a planning committee. Modeled after the OSHA Amputation Stand Down held in Arkansas, the goal of Stand Down in Region 2 will be to provide employers and employees with a strategy to identify, risk rank, and correct amputation hazards. Webinars and guest speakers are planned to highlight the importance of LOTO, discuss guarding principles and practices, and sharing of inspection programs. I am asking your help and assistance filling out the OSHA Region 2 Amputation Stand Down planning committee and making this inaugural event in September 2021 a reality. Those who would like more information or details, please reach out to me.

Tks, Nick

Nick Donofrio,

Compliance Assistance Specialist - New York Regional Office

US Dept of Labor / OSHA

130 South Elmwood, Suite 500 Buffalo, NY 14020

O – 716-796-0803

(Image shared from stand down website.)

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