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Power Tool Alert

Please see the email chain below from Nancy Mugavero, OSHA Region 5 VPP Manager and Kevin Sell, United Group Services, Cincinnati, OH (Region 5 VPP participant since 2005).

Please review your site’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and other safety procedures for rotating power tools to ensure they address this potential hazard (loose clothing for any rotating tool or equipment).

Thank you to Kevin and Nancy for sharing information about this incident.


Good Morning Region V VPP Participants,

The following is from Kevin Sell, United Group Services, Cincinnati, OH, Region V VPP participant since 2005.

Thanks Kevin

Stay safe and well,

Nancy A. Mugavero

Voluntary Protection Program Manager

U.S. Department of Labor – OSHA Region V



We learned that an area contractor had a craft professional that was injured while operating a grinder with a wire wheel. He was wearing a hoodie, and one of the strings caught the wheel and it walked up his chest, face, and neck-missing his carotid artery by about one-half an inch. When we researched our JSHA, we noticed this hazard was not identified. We have revised this document and the loose article restrictions apply to any rotating tool or equipment. Contact the Safety Department for additional information and questions. Use this as one of your daily meeting topics before this Friday.

Kevin Sell


United Group Services



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