• Region II

SGE Training in April

OSHA Region II conducted a Special Government Employee class April 12-14, 2016 in Albany, NY. The Special Government Employee (SGE) Program was established to allow industry employees to work alongside OSHA during Voluntary Protection Programs' (VPP) onsite evaluations. Not only does this innovative program benefit OSHA by supplementing its on-site evaluation teams, but it gives industry and government an opportunity to work together and share views and ideas. The class was hosted by VPP Star participant Access Health Systems. The eight (8) new SGEs currently work for VPP participants Curtis Lumber (Robert Pelletier, David Swartwout, Ron Homovich), Access Health Systems (Kevin O’Brien, Carl Miller), Covanta Energy (Daniel Davila), Turner Construction (Joseph Raffaele), and Hypertherm (Justin Gullotta). Congratulations to our new SGEs!

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