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Summer 2022 issue of VPPPA's Leader Magazine!

The summer 2022 issue of VPPPA's Leader Magazine is now available!

Dive into articles with #safety leaders and industry experts as they reflect on the importance of heat safety 🌡️☀️

Featured authors and organizations include:

  • Karalyn Apperson | Bechtel Corporation

  • Inanje Mintz | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  • Kerri Usher | VPPPA

  • Matt Stinchfield | Brewers Association

  • Tom West | MākuSafe Corp

  • Nicole Randall | International Safety Equipment Association

  • Beth Angus, CIH | Safex, Inc.

  • Melissa Smith | DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Brian Petersen | Idaho Cleanup Project

  • John Heniff | Magid

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