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Summer Safety Forum Workshop Highlight: VPP Manager Workshop

Presented by Richard Brown, VPP Manager, US DOL OSHA

This workshop will provide an opportunity for a program update for VPP participants from the VPP Manager. There will also be an update for current Special Government Employees. There will be a question and answer session for the group, and the VPP Manager will be available afterwards to answer any individual questions. This year, a significant portion of the workshop will be devoted to VPP self-evaluations. We will discuss how to improve annual submissions and how to use VPP self-evaluations as a tool to drive continuous improvement.

This workshop will be held Tuesday June 26, in Bossa Nova 1, from 2:15 - 3:45 pm

For more information on the VPP Region II Summer Safety Forum, and other workshops offered, please visit: http://www.vppparegion2.org/summer-safety-forum

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