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Thinking about deep frying a turkey next week?

Thinking about deep frying a turkey next week? They sure are yummy!

However, using a deep fryer for your Thanksgiving bird comes with a slew of potential hazards. Before you fry, make sure you review these safety tips:

Set up your fryer outside, away from the house, decks and other flammable materials, and make sure it’s on a level surface

Keep children and pets away from the fryer

Never leave your fryer unattended

Do not overfill the fryer – do a test run with your turkey and water beforehand

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand

Use grill mitts and eye protection when frying

Raise and lower the turkey slowly

Make sure your turkey is completely thawed before frying

Have any of you fried a turkey before? Any safety tips to add to the list?

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