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URGENT REQUEST - SGE’S We Need Your Assistance

Region 2 SGEs:

Please see the email chain below. If any SGEs are available, please consider volunteering for the 25-29 MAR 2019 VPP evaluation at Pratt & Whitney - HMI Metal Powders in Clayville, NY.

Pratt & Whitney - HMI Metal Powders is a world leader in the manufacture of nickel base structural superalloy powder and provides all of the powder superalloy used in today's commercial, military and space engines, such as the F22 and Joint Strike Fighter, for its parent company, Pratt & Whitney. HMI also provides a service-focused resource for thermal spray alloy powders, delivering affordable solutions that conform to precise specifications with repeatability and total quality assurance.

We currently need two (2) SGEs to complete the VPP Team. If you are interested, please respond directly to Ms. Greta Olsson. ( )

Thank you for your service as Special Government Employees.

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