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VPP Star Site Employee Saves Choking Victim

"FYI – I wanted to share the email below from Mr. Paul Schiffhauer, Safety Manager of VPP Star site Mollenberg-Betz in Buffalo, New York. One of their employees, Mr. Sean Gardner, was in a restaurant and saved a man with an obstructed airway. Mr. Gardner's actions illustrate the importance of proper First Aid / CPR / AED training, as well as the life-saving benefits when employees take their training with them at the end of the workday. Mr. Gardner's efforts to help a complete stranger reflect great credit upon himself and Mollenberg-Bertz's safety culture.

From: Paul Schiffhauer

Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 1:21 PM

Subject: Our Hero

"All Last night our very own Sean Gardner was at Chipotle after work when he noticed a man in front of him was choking and another individual was trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver. Sean noticed the individual was doing it incorrectly and also noticed the individual was turning blue. He stepped in and started to perform the Heimlich correctly. After a minute or so the individual expelled the food from his system and was able to start breathing on his own. The guy that Sean saved knew Mollenberg-Betz very well through his work and noticed that Sean was wearing a Mollenberg-Betz T Shirt. Then they hugged it out and Chipotle bought Sean his dinner. Is that a great story or what! Way to go Sean and congratulations on stepping up and getting involved, not everyone would have.


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