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Why Employees Should Use Digital Devices in Moderation

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"Today’s employees are working in a very high-tech world. In addition, businesses have been forced to switch to remote work, or require new in-office restrictions, due to the current climate surrounding the pandemic. The combination of high-tech jobs, remote work, or in-office restrictions can lead to digital overload, making employees feel physically and mentally drained by the end of the day due to the overuse of digital devices and their screens.

These screens emit harmful blue light which can become overwhelming after long hours of use. Technology has allowed businesses to advance in many ways, but it has also harmed employees mental and physical well-being when overused. Modern employees should track their use of digital devices personally and professionally to make sure they are not over stimulated..."

Read more: https://www.vpppa.org/blog/why-employees-should-use-digital-devices-in-moderation?fbclid=IwAR0qsidXspDffyjl7jpKESNzpuPWYjhewDIBg54FlIKJSAZi1XJ3VO7czjE

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