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Wokshop: 360 Mindset Hazard ID: Thinking Outside the Box!

Each day we want to highlight a few workshops from our Conference's agenda so our participants know what to expect for our 2016 VPPPA Region II Conference. To have more information about other workshops access our Agenda page where you can find the list of all workshops we will have during our conference.

Date: May 24th 10:00 - 11:30 | Room: Making Better Workplaces Construction & General Industry

"Our Facility experienced three first aid incidents in one day. Upon investigating it was determined all were avoidable. If so, why were our hazard identification techniques not effective? Our facility developed a 360 Mindset Program (Hazard Identification: Thinking Outside the Box). When we conduct work we often focus on the hazards specific to the task based on our knowledge and experience (the box). But what other hazards specific or have the potential to exists? What's OUTSIDE THE BOX? When we think outside the box we also consider and identify potential hazards of the work area."


Justin Gattuso | HSE Manager

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