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Workshop: Pandemics & Bloodborne Pathogens

Each day we want to highlight a few workshops from our Conference's agenda so our participants know what to expect for our 2016 VPPPA Region II Conference. To have more information about other workshops access our Agenda page where you can find the list of all workshops we will have during our conference.

Date: May 24th 1:30 - 3:00 | Room: Making Better Workplaces Construction & General Industry Carousel D-F

Workshop will cover the various diseases and pathogens that are the most dangerous if exposed in the workplace. It will cover the treatment protocols, ways in which to protect yourself and what to do for emergency treatment. Part of this presentation will cover employer responsibility as well as the employee's responsibility.

Pandemic discussion will describe the definition of a pandemic as well as previous pandemics throughout history. In some cases we will be able to predict certain outbreaks and the mortality rates associated with them. Importance will be stressed on how safe or vulnerable we are here in the United States and how to protect workers.


David Fariello, RN, COHC | Manager Employee Health and Safety at the St. Mary's Healthcare

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