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Avoiding Incompatible Chemicals: Hazcom Tips for COVID-19 and After Webinar - TOMORROW June 17th!

"The ongoing global pandemic involving the novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 is creating an urgent need for disinfectant usage. However, the increased scale of disinfectant usage, coupled with the introduction of many new cleaning products to the workplace, creates new chemical management challenges. We need to keep up with our responsibilities under OSHA’s HazCom Standard and avoid mixture of incompatible chemicals to avoid creating additional risks for our workers. Existing weaknesses in our chemical management practices can become more serious during times like these. Fortunately, better use of HazCom info such as Section 7 of SDSs can help us more safely manage all chemicals in our inventory during COVID-19 and beyond.

In this presentation, you will learn about:

• Chemical management challenges during COVID-19

• Reasons why some chemicals not previously subject to the HazCom Standard may be covered now due to increased chemical usage

• Common types of incompatible chemical mixtures, the types of reactions involved, and how to prevent them

• How to leverage information in Section 7 of an SDS to improve safe chemical storage and usage practices

• How ingredient indexing and other modern EHS software tools can help

Free for VPPPA Members! ($85 for nonmembers.)"

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