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**Featured Workshop** Killing Conditions – Why They Continue

**Featured Workshop** Killing Conditions – Why They Continue

Presented by TJ Lyons, OHST, CSP

Eastern Region EHS Manager, Total Facility Solutions – A company of the M+W Group

Honest discussions with the audience on outdated construction work traditions and why now is the right time for change. Discussed in plain terms and examples, TJ offers methods to eliminate outdated conditions that are hurting or killing workers on our projects. Conditions we overlook on a construction site – through simple conversation and contractual provisions would prevent injuries or death. Ten opportunities including a topic few are willing to discuss. All offered to save your schedule, profits and lives. Most if not all the interventions offered will keep our sons and daughters unhurt for little or no money.

This workshop will be held, Tuesday, October 2nd from 8:00 - 9:30 am in the Yaddo meeting Room.

We will be highlighting different workshops daily leading up to our Fall Safety Forum!

More details on the workshops being offered at the Fall Safety Forum can be found here:

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