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Here are some winter safety tips from today's VPPPA e-newsletter!

"Today is officially the first day of winter! For some parts of the world, that means snow, cold temperatures and bundling up every day. Keep these tips in mind this time of year to stay safe through the season.

Prepare your vehicle for winter weather. Keep a tool kit, ice scraper, blankets, nonperishable foods, first aid kit, flashlight and a properly inflated spare tire in the car for emergencies.

Shovel snow with caution. Take it slow and shovel only fresh, powdery snow; it is lighter. You should also push the snow rather than lifting it, but if you must lift it, lift with your legs not your back.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Less than one-third of American homes have a carbon monoxide detector installed - if you do have one, be sure to replace the battery each spring and fall. In addition, do not heat your home with a gas range or oven and never run a car inside an attached garage."

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