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"Retaining Rescue Skills in the Midst of Coronavirus"

Register for Tomorrow's VPPPA Lunch & Learn - Wednesday Session Webinar - "Retaining Rescue Skills in the Midst of Coronavirus"

Speaker: Chris Carlsen

"Maintaining rescue skills proficiency was already challenging enough before Coronavirus, and it may be even more challenging now. However, it is still vitally important to keep your skills sharp. Confined spaces are still dangerous, and rescues will still happen. As always, it is important to be ready.

We will offer tips to help you maintain both your individual and team proficiency. These tips are not intended to provide the same level of proficiency that attending a formal refresher class would, but we feel they will go a long way in helping you keep your skills at an acceptable, if not a highly polished level.

Free for VPPPA Members!

*Please note all times are EDT.

Registration Closes at 10:00am EDT on the Day of the Event."

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